MACC, Forestry Department forms committee to tackle logging corruption

KUALA LUMPUR, 28 Sept: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the Peninsular Malaysia Forestry Department have agreed in general to form a joint committee to strengthen integrity and address corruption linked to forestry and logging.

The MACC Deputy Chief Commissioner (Prevention), Datuk Mustafar Ali, said that the committee is the best platform to address corruption and enhance integrity in carrying out duties at the department level.

“The Peninsular Malaysia Department of Forestry Director General inspired this idea. The MACC welcomes and feel a need for a joint committee because it will bring a more effective role for both these agencies,” he said, quoted from Bernama.

The MACC and the Peninsular Malaysia Forestry Department held a discussion session in the capital recently to promote greater collaboration to improve governance and the delivery system in the Peninsular Malaysia Forestry Department.

During this session the Peninsular Malaysia Forestry Department was led by its Director General, Dato’ Professor Dr Abd Rahman Abd Rahim, together with the State Forestry Department and Division Directors. Apart from Mustafar, the MACC was represented by the MACC Director of the Inspection and Consulting Division, Dato’ Mohd Yusoff Akope.

“Cooperation between agencies is essential to strengthen integrity and fight corruption, and at the same time, correct the perception among the public,” said Dr Abd Rahman.


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