LZS ‘turun padang’ to track asnaf


SHAH ALAM, AUG 15: On August 11, the Kuala Selangor District Executive Team for Zakat Agihan conducted a census on 31 households to keep track of the asnaf, who are eligible zakat recipients.

Through its Facebook status update, the Selangor Zakat Board (LZS) stated that the mosque nazir, the village head and assistant amil kariah, also participated in the survey.

“The ‘turun padang’ programme enabled us to identify applicants who are genuinely eligible and their needs.

“Our appreciation goes out to all those involved in this survey who made it a success,” said LZS.

LZS further stated it will determine if the applicant is eligible or otherwise from this operation.

“Asnaf houses were also visited to monitor their progress,” it stated.

In respond to the public’s query LZS answered that housing aids depend on zakat allocation.

“At this moment, our priority is to help with basic needs such as financial support, food and education,” it stated.

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