MPBJ plans improvements to overcome traffic congestion at Jalan Utara


PETALING JAYA, AUG 26: The Petaling Jaya City Council (MPBJ) will overcome traffic congestion in Jalan Utara in stages through a few planned improvements.

Bukit Gasing Assemblyman R Rajiv said the local authorities have decided to recall consultants to do research and suggest solutions for the aforementioned problem in a meeting last week.

He said, the now one-way Jalan Utara traffic area is concentrated as there are many offices and factories at the Jalan 223 and Asia Jaya Light-Rail Transit (LRT) Station junction.


“An alternative that was brought up is to build an overhead bridge in front of the LRT Station to replace the existing zebra crossing.

“It will require a new budget and will be discussed with MBPJ and Prasarana Berhad as it concerns the LRT,” he said to the media on August 26.

He also informed that a discussion will be held in the near future with MBPJ to implement slight changes to the existing traffic light in order to reduce congestion.

He said that congestion at the one-way area occur due to vehicles coming from the Federal Highway and Jalan Barat direction, which meet at the entrance of Jalan Utara.

“The rather high number of vehicles worsened the congestion at the Jalan 223 junction towards the front of Asia Jaya LRT Station. The traffic congestion also occurs due to the high number of people using the zebra crossing here,” he added.

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