Selangor Chief Minister’s Christmas Day Message


Malaysians are famous for multiple celebrations. Its trait as a plural society has made Malaysia among the unique countries in the world in terms of culture and beliefs of its citizens. And Christmas is one of the compositions of that faith.

If we observe the positive spirit infused in this celebration, Christmas brings the symbol of friendship and unity of the various races in this country. In fact, the culture of visiting each other and helping each other has become a tradition in our society and has been embedded as a compulsory agenda in the process of appreciation across religions and cultures.

Not only that, the festival highlighted with a public holiday has brought tremendous joy to most people. Although it is not celebrated on the factor of different beliefs, the holiday has certainly become an indirect platform for solidarity between Christians and non-Christians in this country.

Which is why Selangor has always made harmonious relationships between races and the well-being of the religious community a strong peg that must be followed by every state government agenda.

Every progress and improvement of the people’s quality of life has been lit till its roots so that implementation of positive values instilled in every belief and religion remains preserved.

It is not surprising that under the current government administration, apart from providing assistance to the development of Islam, we are also providing special provisions to help the management of worship places such as Christian churches, Buddhist and Hindu temples as well as other religions.

This matter is important so that every citizen in the state of Selangor will obtain fair and impartial assistance. This mechanism has been used throughout our given mandate. Hopefully, this will continue to be accepted by the people and will continue to be trusted by the people, especially in Selangor.

Therefore, as a representative of the Selangor State Government, I am pleased to wish everyone Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to the Christian citizens of Selangor.

Thank you.

Chief Minister of Selangor

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