190 Flood Victims In Sepang Transferred


SHAH ALAM, 27 FEB: 190 flood victims have been housed at two flood evacuation centres in the Sepang district as of 10 o’ clock this morning.

The floods occurred at Kampung Jenderam Hulu and Kampung Ambar Tenang, Dengkil.


According to the National Security Council (MKN) Flood Portal, 27 families were involved with 142 individuals being relocated to the Kampung Ampar Tenang Public Hall in Dengkil.

And 11 families involving 48 individuals have been housed at the Taman Gemilang Evacuation Centre in Sepang.


The public is advised to make flood preparations, especially in low-laying areas, and to gain information on weather developments from time to time from the authorities.

When flooding occurs, the public is reminded to ensure that all electrical switches and the main switch is turned off to avoid electrical shock.

Follow instructions from the authorities and immediately move (to evacuation centres/ relatives’ homes/ higher ground) as instructed.
For Further Information:

Selangor State Development Office
Phone No.: 03-78849299

Selangor State Social Welfare Department Office (JKM)
Phone No.: 03-55192876 / 03-55445415

Selangor IPK Operations Room
Phone No.: 03-5514 5416/5414

Selangor MKN Operations Room
Phone No.: 03-55218794

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