Attack On Mazlan, Selangor PAS Regrets Police Failed To Act


SHAH ALAM, 8 FEB: Gangster-style attacks and provocations committed by Perkasa towards Mazlan Aliman who organised a talk at the Sungai Tinggi Felda last Monday proves that government institutions are still being used for the political interests of the ruling party.

According to the Selangor PAS Deputy Commissioner, Khalid Samad, this is because until now, the police have not acted on the issue of the attack made against the Chairman of the National Felda Settlers’ Children Association (ANAK).

“Until now, no action has been taken by the police, (not) when the incident occurred or after it happened.

“Although a police report has been made, the police has yet to do anything and this is not the first time this has happened.

“This culture is clearly indeed blessed by Umno leaders, therefore the police seems to be afraid to take action,” said Khalid with regret.

He added that the police seemed to act according to what Umno-BN commands of them instead of being an independent body that protects the people regardless of background or political leaning.

“As long as Umno/BN holds the reins of administration, it is that long that this kind of gangster culture will continue to grow.

“Therefore, it is important for us to change this situation for the better by making changes to the new government at the federal level,” said Khalid in a press conference at his office yesterday.

In relation to that, the Selangor PAS condemned and opposed the attacks perpetrated by Perkasa by disrupting Mazlan’s talk (ceramah) last Monday.

Mazlan who is also a Federal PAS committee member claimed to have been pelted with bottles, chairs and other objects when he was about to begin the talk regarding the issue lies by Felda.

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