Hawkers prepared to cooperate as long as location is strategic


PETALING JAYA, AUG 23: Hawkers are prepared to cooperate with local authorities to conduct their business at premises provided, as long as the location is strategic and feasible in attracting customers.

The Jambu 88 and Just Mangga 88 owner, Harlina Hamid, 42, said that she was once given a business premise, but the response was not encouraging and there was no return on her capital as the location was far from main routes.

“Possibly we would like our business premises to be here as it is more strategic.

“We are prepared to put n our share of capital to make this location more pleasant, comfortable and safer for everyone,” she said to SelangorKini.

Shamsudin Amir

Agreeing with her, fruit seller, Shamsudin Amir, 59, said that he was also prepared to fork out some money provided that they are allowed to do business to increase their income.

“I have no problem in cooperating and I have even paid the two fines I was given.

“If I was given an appropriate location, I would be prepared to pay rental as this business is my main source of income,” said the father of nine.

Meanwhile, mother of two, Rosnin Kamarudin, 30, hopes that the local authorities are prepared to consider their application and acknowledge small hawkers like her and allow them to maintain their businesses.

Rosnin Kamarudin

“I’ve applied countless times but none of my applications were approved, with the excuse that the location was inappropriate and too close to the main road.

“But this is my source of income to help my husband. If given the chance, I would be prepared to cooperate provided that my income will not be affected,” said the hawker who has been selling breakfast treats for more than four years.

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