True Democracy Preserves The Fate Of Malay-Muslims


GOMBAK, 14 Mar: The best way to secure the future of the Malay community is to ensure that the country implements real democratic policies, said the Director of the PAS Federal Operations, Dr Ahmad Zuhdi Marzuki.

According to Zuhdi, a country that holds firm to the basis of democracy is able to produce people who speak freely and expresses their views in various matters that are not limited to politics.

“In a political context, the is no single way to reconcile Malays unless we stand on the true basis of democracy.

“It does not matter if it is Umno-BN or Pakatan Rakyat (PR) that is governing, what is important is that they have a chance to start.

“How many people are afraid to join other political parties for fear that their children are not given scholarships.

“Even when I went university, I was asked to not engage in politics,” he said during the 13th General Elections Forum: Malaysia’s Hope at Beringin Hall here last night.

In the meantime, he also did not rule out the possibility of unrest which happened in Libya and Syria by the people if aspects of democracy is still not fully practised in this country.

Thus, he said that the Bersih organisation that is demanding for a fair and clean elections should be viewed positively because it is a platform for the people to claim for the true basis of democracy.

“The existence of Bersih is not to support LGBT groups. I have never heard Datuk S. Ambiga mention that LGBT will be implemented. We have to focus on Bersih’s just demands as an important tool in democracy,” he added.

Meanwhile, Political Analyst and Senior Lecturer at IIUM, Dr Mazlee Malik said that the people cannot come together on political grounds, instead it should be based on economic policies.

According to him, the Malay-Muslim faith is seen as being increasingly threatened when they frighten the people into thinking that provisions can only be given by a certain party or a certain individual.

“Many are of the opinion that should the party they support loses, they will lose their benefit and they may live in hardship. We need to eliminate this perception.

“Never in history have people been united on political grounds. In fact Umno-BN itself is divided and Tun Mahathir is the individual that witnessed the Spirit of 46 Malay Party in the party.

“People cannot come together in politics, but we need to be united on the basis of the economy,” he said.

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